Good day all,

These were taken at the 2015 Calgary Stampede July 3rd 7th and 9th (so far).

There are about 500  photos taken, but these are among the best.

Some of these photos have had a quick edit to show the potential and any ordered photos will be retouched, cropped and cleaned to give the best picture possible. Photos can be purchased in one of two ways.  Either as a print or as an electronic image.  The purchase of an electronic image  purchase gives you licensing for personal use as well as promotional use. It does not include commercial use but I am open to discuss that possibility. The second method is for me to print them and mail you the copies. This takes a little longer but the quality is higher. The biggest I have printed these kinds of photos is 40x60 inches. Any photos I print will not have any watermarks. You can contact me at or if you need to speak to me directly my cell is 403 630 9995.

Oh BTW use of these photos without my express permission is an infringement of copyright law and subject to legal action.  You can share these privately among friends and family as long as you retrain the watermark.

Enjoy the day ( I know I did)

Barrie Hunt